Extensive database with more than 310’000 postal addresses and 265’000 e-mail addresses of doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals.

  postal e-mail  
Switzerland 33’000 26’000  
Germany 175’000 152’000  
Austria 10’000 3’000  
France 67’000 66’000  

Our online search feature allows you to determine the number of your desired target group. The selection is made according to country, language, address type, activity structure, drug dispensing and speciality. Postal addresses can be purchased and email addresses can be rented for personally addressed serial mailings and for online market research studies.

Online search tool



With med-mail you can communicate quickly and easily directly to your target doctors! Whether it is an invitation for a webinar, the launch of your product or to draw attention on a study. With the package for electronic, postal or fax mailings from just-medical! you will achieve your communication objectives easily.

You wish - we implement: from the idea to the wording, layout and production to the deployment. We have many years of experience in e-marketing and have solid medical and technical know-how to make your e-mailing a success. just-medical! also has the most extensive address database in the health sector.

Example med-mails

Invitation webinar

med-mail with sales rep per region

«A perfect doctor’s day» with med-mail



just-medical! offers targeted, medical banner advertising – on the freely accessible website for general information (OTC products, image campaigns, events, medical education, job offers etc.) or on the login-protected website for Rx products.

Banner advertising on med-congress


Size: 360 x 60 Pixel

Price for 3, 6 and 12 months:

CH from CHF 650.–

AT/DE/FR from EUR 600.–


CHF 480.– / EUR 450.–


Size: 160 x 600 Pixel

Price for 3, 6 and 12 months:

CH from CHF 950.–

AT/DE/FR from EUR 900.–


CHF 480.– / EUR 450.–



Perfectly staged product presentations with a professional photo shoot – also with 3D animation on request! From medicine packs to sprays and bottles – we offer you high-quality visual representations that show your medicines or medical devices in the best light. We also offer modular shots of blister packs and individual tablets as well as their measurement and weighing.

Our expertise in the pharmaceutical industry paired with state-of-the-art technology enables us to present your medicines with the utmost precision and safety. Whether it’s for your website, social media or printed materials – with packshots or 3D animations, we can showcase your products in the best quality.

Rely on our many years of experience and our commitment to excellence to take your product presentation to the next level.



Tablet (including dimensioning)


Professional Photo Shoot

Version 1  Version 2  Version 3  Version 4


Thanks to a mini-website, you can provide your target doctors with more information. We design your mini-website according to your wishes, whether it should be simple or you want a more elaborate website. Thanks to the contact or order form, the doctors can contact you directly for an appointment proposal.

Examples mini-websites

Website (G, F, E, I) for different target groups

Contact or order form