Medical education and conferences calendar for doctors and medical professionals

med-congress – the calendar for medical education and conferences – is an innovative service for doctors and medical professionals. With med-congress you can reach your target group easily, quickly and directly.

med-congress offers possibilities to inform your selected specialists about your event.

Our Online Platform is the most popular calendar for medical education and conferences with more than 28’000 visitors per month. It consists of important national and international medical education events and conferences.

With an user-friendly search and sort function, the user selects events by medical specialties, location and date and signs up directly on the organiser's website.

  • Register your event online on All you need is a med-login.
  • Publish your event as a banner (Half and Skyscraper).

The E-Newsletter med-congress

  • Sending every four weeks
  • Achieving over 180’000 medical professionals (in Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria)
  • Targeting a specific group of doctors or medical professionals
  • In German and French




The med-congress Newspaper

The med-congress calendar for medical education and conferences is published 6 times a year with a circulation of 16’000 copies (11’000 in German and 5’000 in French) and is sent to all selected office-based doctors and hospital-based doctors. Publish your event or product as an advertisement in the med-congress newspaper.

The Multichannel Package with med-congress

Combine advertisements and banners (online and e-newsletters) to reach your target medical specialists on all channels and at high frequency.



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Multichannel in Health Care

Learn more about the multichannel measures for Rx and OTC products. In a short webinar of 15 minutes, Dr. Matthijs Ouwerkerk informs you as to how you can reach your target group with high frequency and without scattering loss.

(German only)


E-Learning Tools with Patient Cases

med-cases are medical e-learning platforms for medical professionals on which experts present and discuss specific patient cases.

They play a key role in medical education and are CME-certified.



Focused and medically balanced technical reports

med-report is your focused, clinically relevant summary of medical publications and studies in collaboration with local experts.

Modular crossmedial medical communication


reprint G/F/I/E for your sales force and/or for postal mailings


publication in
medical press


Medical text
online on


personalized e-mail
to your target group