FSA Code of Transparency

just-medical!, as a registered Health Care Organisation (HCO, GLN 7601001551176), is committed to communicating openly and transparently with its customers and partners in compliance with the Pharma Code.

The collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals (HCP) and organisations is crucial for the successful development and effective use of new medicines and therapies, as well as for medical research. Our transparency provides a better understanding of the collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and HCPs.

For this collaboration, just-medical! remunerates its partners appropriately. The following benefits are all direct or indirect monetary payments to HCPs, medical institutions and healthcare organisations each for one calendar year.

In order to be up to date with the latest developments in medicine and research, medical professionals must continue their education and training every year. With the valuable and technical expertise gained from the latest clinical studies and research, medical professionals and healthcare organisations contribute significantly to improving and advancing patient care. As an HCO, we are happy to support them.

Monetary benefits and donations to HCPs and medical institutions

Details of benefits and donations up to October 2022 available on request.